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Putting The Community First

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

When making a difference by giving back means the most, Strive to drive was born.

Giving Back to the Community has always been something Jennifer has pushed to go above and beyond to do. When we asked her about her about charitable acts within the community, she immediately got excited to tell me about the strive to drive program she started at her fathers car lot. She Said,

“I love to give back to my community anyway I can, and I am very proud of the strive to drive program for graduating teens. I am not the type to brag or boast about things so I will have to see if I can find some old photos. Giving back and helping others is second nature to me, so I don't normally take photos. I love to see the look on the kids faces when they realize they have won a new car or other grand prize."

The strive to drive program was an academic initiative to encourage good grades and attendance for high school seniors. The event was sponsored by Bob Frensley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, the car lot her father started and she managed. The program awarded one senior who had all A's and B's or Perfect attendance on any nine week report card, valid through the school board, a free car with all expenses paid including one year of insurance. There were also other grand prizes available to win in the drawing.

"Commitment to excellence, I wanted to give back to those students in the community who worked hard to be there best, in hopes it would give them an initiative to show up and work hard."
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