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Vietnam Veterans to I-65 North

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Alternative exit ramp to divert traffic to I-65 North without congesting Long Hollow Pike or Highway 41 North

Traffic along Long Hollow Pike and 41 North through Goodlettsville during rush hour has created delays and to much congestion. With continued growth coming to Goodlettsville, this issue will continue to get worse.

After analyzing the traffic flow and speaking with the current City of Goodlettsville Mayor Rusty Tinnin, one solution that would help with traffic is an exit ramp from Vietnam Veterans Southwest bound to I-65 North bound directly. There is currently no exit to go I-65 north without exiting onto Conference Drive and routing through Long Hollow Pike or routing over to 41 North via another exit." Jennifer Webb

With the expansion of I-65 Project coming, proposing some type of Exit from Vietnam Vets directly to I-65 or possibly even onto Rivergate Parkway to allow people to get back on I-65 N with ease would help.

“The Conference Drive exit being the main way for people to connect to I-65 N has certainly created extra congestion to Long Hollow pike making local transportation hard and frustrating. A Direct exit would certainly help clear some of the congestion. " Rusty Tinnin

Above is a simple overlay drawing of an idea that would help cut down traffic on long hollow pike. The yellow is existing road ways. The green is a drawing of a potential direct exit ramp.

There is no solid plan on the table at this time for this development, this is just an idea for a solution to help cut down on the traffic with continued growth. This exit would not be of much help with out the expansion of I-65 North. If constructed at the same time it would help resolve Goodlettsville's direct traffic issue.

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