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Everyone Is 

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Thank you to everyone that voted.

We are all in this together. I am here to make a difference. If anyone within District 10 needs 

anything be sure to call me directly, email, or  fill out  the contact form here. I'm ready to get things done. 

Thank you!! 

district 10 map.JPG

2023 Metro Council District 10 Map 

This is the current Metro Council  District 10 voting map. 

district 10 map.JPG


Take Part in Something Great

Make Your Voice Heard


Years Of Community


Goodlettsville is where I have called home my entire life and have watched it go through many phases. I have always been aware of what Goodlettsville needs to grow as a community, but never had the time to have an impact. When I graduated college and started managing my father's dealership, it was essential to me that we always went above and beyond to give back to the community. The Strive to Drive program awarded one of our youth, who strived for excellence, a free car, all expenses paid including one year of insurance. We also give away other grand prizes as well, but giving our hard working youth a head start in the next chapter of their life meant so much to me. This was my way of helping make the community a better place.



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Grow District 10 as a Community that protects residential character and historical resources, while promoting mutually beneficial development that ensures respect for our environment.

District 10 Improvements

Business Growth
  • Develop & implement a plan to support local small businesses with public sharing & engage District 10 residents in Strategies to promote local neighborhood vitality.       (Small Business Sunday)                                                          

  • Create partnerships to build neighborhood based businesses that reinvest in underutilized commercial space & encourage job creation in low - moderate income neighborhoods. 

Public Safety
  • My number one priority is making sure the metropolitan police and fire department needs are taking care of                                                      

  • Increase pedestrian's safety through sidewalk construction.                                                            

  • Fight for our first responders, 911 operators, and all public safety departments to get adequate pay & improve job readiness satisfaction.                                              

  • Work with the community leaders/members and organizations to support efforts that eliminate gun violence and encourage local youth programs.

City Assets Stewardship
  • Work with the local government to repair, maintain, & improve city assets - including streets, sidewalks, & parks.                                                    

  • implement preventative measures to prevent future infrastructure degradation.                                            

  • Bring better infrastructure to the Joelton area as well as come up with a community wide growth plan                                                                                                                  

Community Quality
  • Work with all of District 10 to promote it's positive attributes and strengthen community pride.                                                            

  • Increase the visual appearance of the main streets with sidewalks.                                                

  •  Preserve and protect the environment through tree planting.     

  • Research, develop, and implement a city wide mental health response team to improve responsiveness to the behavioral health needs of the community.


A Fresh Voice

Our Mission is about bringing a fresh voice to better improve community services 

and promote new growth to our district and deliver quality professional public services to all District Residents, while ensuring high value & quality results. 

New growth organized properly will allow infrastructure upgrades and traffic solutions 

to make sure our district continues to operate in a

safe and efficient manner. 

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